After finishing broadcasting the first 12 episodes in mid-2014, starting 2015 the TROYCA studio again presented a continuation of the story of Aldoah.Zero. Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero) returns to direct the second season of this anime series. The Series Composition of this anime series is handled by Katsuhiko Takayama (Baka to Test, Ga-Rei-Zero) and Matsumoto Masako as character designers for the second season of Aldnoah.Zero. The music part of this anime series is still handled by Sawano Hiroyuki, who has experience in arranging music for Gundam UC and the first season of Aldnoah.Zero, but in this second season, singer Aoi Eir also performed the ending theme song with a song called Genesis.



The second season of Aldnoah.Zero begins with the final scene in the battle at the end of the first season, where Slaine Troyard shoots the left eye of Inaho Kaizuka and Count Saazbaum who previously fired a bullet at Vers Asseylum's daughter Allusia.


19 months have passed since the incident, and the conditions for Interplanetary War II, which was triggered by the assassination attempt on Vers's daughter, have become increasingly fierce. After successfully finding Vers' battleship Deucalion, Earth's troops are now able to have a base outside of orbit to repel attacks from the Vers empire based on the Moon. Anticipating battles outside of orbit, Earth has also developed its Kataphrakt technology to match Vers' Kataphrakt equipped with Aldnoah Drive.


In the midst of the fierce battle that took place outside the orbit, the figure of Asseylum's daughter, who had previously been confirmed to have been shot by a bullet, appeared healthy and gave an ultimatum to attack Earth. But behind the ultimatum there is the figure of Slaine Troyard and the sister of Asseylum's daughter, Lemrina who are planning a conspiracy to control Vers and also the Earth troops.


Time for Outer Orbit Battle

Conceptually, the second season of Aldnoah.Zero displays something fresh compared to the first season. If the first season featured a robot battle scene in the middle of the city in the style of the Armored Core game, this second season featured a robot battle scene outside of orbit which is one of the hallmarks of the robot-themed anime series. With the battleship Deucalion as well as Vers' lunar base, this out-of-orbit feud could occur.


Facing the action of robot fighting outside of this orbit, the Kataphrakt belonging to the Earth forces also underwent a change. If in the first season we will meet a small robot unit with minimal equipment, in this second season the Earth's troops are armed with various robots complete with equipment to advance and fight outside orbit. The change in the design of Earth's Kataphrakt unit is a refreshing breakthrough.


By moving the battlefield from the downtown area to the outer orbit, the battle scenes presented are also different. In this second season, the audience will be presented with the action of robots flying in a vacuum by shooting each other. The use of 3D in the depiction of robotic units and asteroid backgrounds in outer space is an added value in terms of action. In addition, the use of camera shifting in various battle scenes results in the fighting animation of this anime series is quite impressive.


The story patterns in this second season seem repetitive, namely the emergence of a new Kataphrakt, the Earth's troops fight, Inaho appears, and all is well. Until about more than half of the season, the story proceeds in such a pattern that it feels boring to follow. With repetitive story patterns, twist elements are usually inserted so that the storyline doesn't feel too boring. Yes, the element of twist is one of the attractions of this anime series.


The first season of Aldnoah.Zero is quite well known for its various twists in the story that make the audience always wonder what will happen in the next episode. As if not wanting to let go of these characteristics, various twists were presented again in the second season. However, unlike the first season, the twist in the second season feels quite forced. Instead of solving the boredom caused by the repetitive storyline, the plotwist execution in the second season is just as repetitive as the storyline. At the beginning of the story, the audience is presented with a twist in the form of Lemrina disguised as Asseylum, then Slaine who becomes the Count, and many other twists that are executed with a plot that is too fast and repetitive so it feels very forced.


Although it offers very different space battle scenes and new things, in fact this anime series does not execute the action portion well. Throughout the 12 episodes of this second season, instead of a robotic battle between the Earth and Mars forces, what feels is drama that surrounds Asseylum's daughter. The drama portion is increasingly felt when Slaine Troyard begins an intrigue to "defect" from the Orbital Knights in order to find a way to bring Princess Asseylum back to her senses.


All submissive before Slaine and Inaho

The second season of the Aldnoah.Zero anime features quite a lot of characters, especially the Orbital Knights with their unique Kataphrakt units. However, due to the portion that was presented more focused on drama, some of the new characters that appeared were only extras in front of Slaine Troyard and Kaizuka Inaho.


Therefore, character development is an important note of this anime series, where even though it displays so many characters, the development that is exposed is felt only in the figures of Inaho and Slaine. From the point of view of the Earth troops, Inaho's figure seems to be "The Only One" because every time there is a battle against the Mars troops, victory is certain if Inaho appears. With the help of the analytical engine embedded in his left eye, Inaho's figure is more dominant than other characters because he has extraordinary abilities, it can even be said that only Inaho is able to shoot the Kataphrakt of the Martian troops with precision.


On Vers's side, there is the figure of Slaine Troyard, who in his first season was not too dominant among the Orbital Knights. However, in this second season, it can be said that the image of the Vers squad only exists in Slaine's figure. Although this second season featured the new Orbital Knights, the various characters were not successfully exposed with the right portion because throughout the story only Slaine and Inaho got a lot of attention.



The second season of an anime series should bring fresh air to the continuity of a series. In its second season, Aldnoah.Zero is able to bring a variety of fresh air such as space battle scenes, the number of new kataphrakt units. However, even though it can bring this new thing well, there are some things that are unfortunate about this anime series, such as the direction of the story that goes more towards individual drama than the Earth-Mars conflict. The end of the second season of Aldnoah.Zero also feels very forced where Vers's daughter chooses her male partner which is not even explained further the background that exists between the two figures. The conflict resolution part where Earth and Mars reconciled also seemed very forced and too rushed.


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